What is "design freely with the editor"?

* Depending on the operating environment, it may take several tens of seconds to load the editor page.

Design freely with the editor! full custom plate

Embedded in the page [Editor] By yourself [Free design] I can do it!

For example, it's in your smartphone Paste the photo Or Place your favorite characters Or Change color And so on Create the design you envisioned can.

You can see a rough production image in this video!

The data designed in this way Print on American license plate It is a service to deliver.

Moreover, 3D image or, AR (Augmented Reality) It is also possible to check the finished image using!

What you can do with the editor

With the editor built into the page, you can:

  • Upload your favorite photo
  • Add effects to your photos
  • Freely enlarge / reduce and arrange photos
  • Arrange the text freely
  • It is possible to change the font, color, size, and effect of the text.
  • You can check the finish with a 3D image
  • You can check the finish and size using AR (Augmented Reality) (* Limited to some iOS, iPad OS, and Android devices)
  • Data can be saved and recalled during editing

* Please understand that there may be some color error as the colors on the screen and the actual colors are printed slightly differently.

[Caution] About photos that can be uploaded

  1. Unauthorized use of copyrighted or portrait rights logos is prohibited.

    If there is a suspicion of unauthorized use, we may ask you to submit the license.Please note that in some cases production may be refused.

    If unauthorized use of copyright is found after production, we will not take any responsibility.It is the responsibility of the customer who uploaded the image, so please refrain from uploading images that infringe on copyright. By placing an order, you are deemed to have agreed to the above.

  2. Image with too small resolution

    If the image is too rough, it will look dirty when printed.If the resolution is too small, we cannot correct it.Please prepare a high resolution image.