Carbon offset (carbon dioxide reduction measures)

In PL8 HERO #EarthAidプロジェクト As part of this, we are also working on environmental protection.

We are participating in "Carbon Offset" as an environmental initiative that we are currently doing.

What is carbon offset?

To be honest, carbon offsetting is a controversial environmental measure.

As the word "offsets (offsets) carbon (carbon dioxide)" implies, [calculate the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by your own business and pay the cost of offsetting that carbon dioxide. Pay to carbon dioxide reduction companies, etc. and have them help in the reduction].

It's not a perfect solution because it doesn't directly reduce carbon dioxide.

But of course I understand that it's not enough to pay.

However, at PL8 HERO, we participate in this carbon offset because we want to reduce carbon dioxide emissions as much as possible and take measures against global warming because we can do it close to us.

Carbon offset performed by PL8 HERO

PL8HERO automatically calculates the amount of carbon dioxide emitted when the product is delivered through the shop system.

This automatic calculation is based on the weight of the package to be delivered + the distance traveled + the means of transportation.

The cost of reducing that calculated carbon dioxide content of the Amazon rainforest Jari Pará Forest Conservation Project Investing in. (Until 2021)

The project will cover 496,988 hectares of tropical forest in Brazil and will protect more than 2,400 species of flora and fauna.

And from 2022, in Colombia Acapa – Bajo Mira and Frontera Forest Conservation Project Through it, it helps to protect and regenerate the rainforest.

Carbon offset alone does not solve climate change

However, investing in tree planting in the Amazon alone cannot reduce carbon dioxide and stop climate change. PL8HERO will continue to search for a method and tackle environmental problems steadily because it can be familiar to us.