What kind of packaging will you receive?

  • You can give it as a gift immediately High quality craft envelopes Simple packaging by!
  • To prevent accidents during transportation as much as possible Reinforcement with cardboard board or, No folding display
  • Delivery status Can be tracked Rest assured!
  • "Regular flight" is basically [Post mailing] that's why, You can receive it even if you are away from home!
  • * Stickers will be delivered in a transparent PP bag with the number of sets.

Environmentally Friendly!

At PL8HERO, we think about the environment and become the source of microplastics. I quit using plastic bags, etc.

fundamentally, Recyclable "paper only" We are packaging using.

When the product arrives, be sure to use the paper used for packaging. recycling We ask for your cooperation so that it can be used as a new resource.

* Only the sticker may stick inside if it is wrapped in paper, so it will be delivered in a PP bag.