How to find SKUs and how to specify custom contents

Request to create an image To make a product 【 SKU 】 When [Custom content] Is required.

as a side note 【SKU】 Is the product "Product number" It is.

[Custom content] Is the customer "Which place" of "What character do you want to specify?" It will be the contents.

both Things that are easy to find So, here's how to find them.

1. Refer to SKU

SKU Is, as shown in the image below Each product page When you browse, that Product number written at the bottom of the product name is.

This is Required when requesting an image Because it will be Copy and paste to notepad etc. Let's keep it!

2. Refer to customizable parts

Customizable parts Depends on the design.

Therefore, be sure to read each product page Second image To, Customizable parts and notable characters Is described.

As an example, the image is as follows.

As mentioned above, you can basically specify the contents of (1) to (4) respectively.

However, as described at the beginning, there are cases where the parts that can be specified are limited depending on the design, so please specify each character by referring to this image.