What is the size and material? (MULTI)

  • 1 piece size: 12in x 6in ( About 30.5cm x 15.4cm )
  • material: [Made in USA] Aluminum plate (thickness about 0.6 mm)
  • With holes for mounting
  • Printing method: Thermal transfer (not paint)

Multi-plate Then, in the above image Install multiple single license plates side by side To do.

We have several variations available, and the overall size will vary depending on the number of sheets.

The following is a list of all sizes when arranged without gaps.

○ Overall size list

  • Set of 4 Overall size: Approximately 61.0cm x 30.5cm
  • Set of 9 Overall size: Approximately 91.4cm x 45.7cm
  • 16-sheet set Overall size: Approximately 121.9cm x 61.0cm
  • 25-sheet set Overall size: Approximately 152.4cm x 76.2cm
※moreover It is also possible to increase the number of sets and make it larger is. If you wish, we will quote separately, so inquiry please.