Receive images on LINE

LINE is more convenient than email is! After ordering, from the customer to our LINE official account, Full name and order number If you let us know, Send image image via LINE To do!

How to receive images on LINE

1. Register our shop as a friend

Please read the QR code below or click the button below to add our official LINE account to your friends.

- OR -


2. Fill out the form according to the image below

2-1. Tap "Help"

If the menu is displayed
 If the menu is not displayed
Tap the "Help" button as above! First, tap the section "Contact us from help" to display the menu. Then tap "Help" on the left!

2-2. Tap "Customers who have already ordered"

2-3. Tap "I want to receive images on LINE"

2-4. Tap "Answer"

2-5. Tap "Send answer"

Please enter your full name and order number.The following is an example.

3. We will resend the image from our shop on LINE!

When the screen below is displayed, your application is complete!We will send the image on LINE in about 3 business days from our shop.