What words should I put in?

I want to make a license plate! but What kind of words should I put in? ?? ?? Such customers Rest assured Please. Our staff Together Invented a cool word To do!

○ For example ... Collection of example sentences

    • GDSPEED (Godspeed-Pray for success)
    • GETREAL (Get Real-Let's see the reality!)
    • JUSTWED (Just Wedded-Newlywed Hoyahoya!)
    • LUV4EVA (Love Forever-I love you forever!)
    • SLWDRVR (Slow Driver-Safe driving vehicle)
    • GOAHEAD (Go Ahead-Please go first)
    • CRUISIN (Cruising)
    • 2FAST4U (Too Fast For You-It's too early for you to follow)
    • MAHALO (Thank you)
    • SK8TER (Skater) ... etc

The above is Just one example is!

Many Americans also have this license plate Character limit Against various idea Stuffed, Interesting combination I'm thinking of.

Then Squeeze out ideas and think Also, make an original American license plate One of the fun But there is also.

of course, Our staff But happily like that Helping to think of ideas If you get stuck, please feel free to contact us!

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