How do you use this?

○ House name plate / nameplate

name Of course Nameplate with street address and family name You can enjoy infinite customization depending on your ideas!

○ Wedding welcome board

Bride and groom's name and initials Or put Wedding anniversary You can also put heart marks, etc.! After marriage Can be stored for decades Therefore, it is also recommended as a memorable item.

○ Hidden number s when exhibiting at car shows or posting on SNS

SNS posts At that time, "to prevent your number from being reflected" Hidden number Also recommended! others, Car show Ornaments at the time of exhibition Dashboard Ornaments of cars, etc. Custom Parts You can also use it as. (* Running on public roads with our license plate attached violation Please note that it will be. )

○ Interior of the room

One point of the room! Wall decoration sign Even though it has a great presence! Because it can be customized to the original characters, it will be a product with a lot of thought.

○ Commemorative photo with pets ・ For dog cart nameplates

With my dog Commemorative photoOf course Dog cart Attached to fashionable License plate for pet dog It is also recommended to decorate as! (* The above picture is a picture with [Medium] size attached.)

○ In addition, it can also be used for such things!

  • Birthday gift
  • Store sign
  • Enter the names of artists and athletes Original fan goods (Limited to personal use)

The above is just a part of the usage example! How you use it is endless, depending on your ideas!