Various choices! dog tag accessories

You can also choose the color and length of the ball chain! (Some charges apply)

You can now choose your favorite color from the USA-made ball chains in the image above!

In addition, we also have a long size that can be used as a necklace! In addition to key holders and pet name tags, it can also be used as an accessory!

The specifications of the ball chain that can be selected are as follows. Please choose what you want when ordering.

Selectable ball chain list

  • Normal chain (silver)
  • brass chain
  • black chain
  • blue chain
  • green chain
  • pink chain
  • purple chain
  • red chain
  • white chain
  • yellow chain
  • Normal necklace (about 60cm)
  • Brass necklace (about 60cm)
  • Gunmetal necklace (about 60cm)
  • Red copper necklace (about 60cm)

Precautions regarding ball chains

  • Colored chains other than brass are painted, so the paint may come off due to friction.
  • Ball chains are made of aluminum or steel.Please be careful if you have metal allergies.
  • Because it is a ball chain made in America, it is not as delicate as the one made in Japan.Even with the same product, there may be individual differences in length and color.
  • Additional charges for paid chains are not eligible for bulk purchase discounts.
  • * [Additional charge] will be charged for non-normal chains.

In case you run out, we sell spare ball chains here:

Click here to purchase the ball chain alone

Selectable silencer (additional charge)

A silencer is a piece of rubber attached to the edge of a dog tag. Thanks to this rubber, you can prevent the clattering metal sound. There is also a protective function that protects the edges of the dog tag.

PL8HERO offers 18 types of silencers. You can choose from the ones you like.

* Silencer will be an [additional charge].It is not included, so please place a separate order if you would like it.

*The additional charge for the silencer is not applicable to bulk buying discounts.

A spare silencer in case it breaks is available here:

Click here to purchase the silencer alone