Editor's Note

After ordering, Data designed on the editor as it is, Production starts immediately Will be done. Therefore, please check carefully for the following items.

  • Misspelling Isn't it?
  • 3D image At Hole position Place Cut line of Be sure to check please give me. Design that comes over the hole or, Design outside the cut line Will not be printed.especially Print misalignment of about 1 to 5 mm May occur, so Design placed within 5mm around the cut line May be chipped. for that reason, Design that you do not want to chip teeth, Please do not place it at the very limit of the cut line .. Those Hole position and design around the cut line Is there a problem with?
  • If you place a photo, it will be a 3D image Is the image rough? If the image is rough, the resolution of the uploaded photo may be low, and the finish will be rough.
  • others, Here's a note ofBe sure to check please give me!