Only 4 steps!How to use refined search

PL8 HERO handles more than 1000 kinds of products.

Therefore, it is difficult to find a product that suits your needs from the list.

Therefore, we have implemented a function called "Refine Search".

You can easily refine your search with the following four steps.

How to use refined search

1. Tap refined search

At the top of the product list screen, there is always a red button that says "Click here for refined search" as shown in the screenshot below, so tap this.

2. Select the item you want to narrow down

You can narrow down the search from various items as shown in the screenshot below.

For example, let's say you're looking for a gift and want to narrow it down from your budget.

In that case, tap the "Search by price" section.

Then, you can easily narrow down by selecting the price range as shown in the screenshot below.

3. Apply multiple filtering conditions

With the refined search function of PL8HERO, you can apply multiple conditions to further reduce the refined results.

For example, as shown in the screenshot below, we will apply multiple narrowing conditions such as design themes.

4. Tap Show results

Then, as shown in the screenshot below, the number of results will be greatly reduced, and you can easily display the products that meet your needs as search results!

Let's do a refined search immediately!

You can display a list of all products by clicking the button below, so let's use the refined search function to find the product that suits your needs!

Click here for a list of all products