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PL8HERO #EarthAid project started

PL8HERO has started the "#EarthAid" project as a social contribution activity!

As the word says, it is an activity whose main purpose is Earth (earth) Aid (relief).

First of all, I started the following things that I can do close to me.

UNICEF Monthly Support Program

This is one of UNICEF's worldwide support programs, and we can provide continuous support every month.

Donations made through the UNICEF Monthly Support Program will help UNICEF's activities in health, nutrition, water and sanitation, education, protection and emergency assistance in approximately 190 countries and territories, with the most support at that time. We give top priority to supporting children in need.

PL8 HERO also participated in such activities.

"Unicef official page" ユニセフ・マンスリーサポート・プログラム Anyone can easily participate!

We hope that the circle of support will expand and that it will be of some help to children in need.

Click here for details on the UNICEF Monthly Support Program (Official)

Future activities

PL8HERO will continue to work on various things in the future as a #EarthAid project to save the earth.

For example, selling charity goods.We are planning an original dog tag that donates 50% of the selling price, so please look forward to future developments!

Thank you for your continued support.

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