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From hamuchan, inc. to PL8 HERO

This time, hamuchan, inc. PL 8 HERO (plate hero) Reborn as!

With the name change This site from 10/16 ( https://pl8hero.com/) Open

Pre-open from 10/16 to 10/31 As a verification of the shop system, Book open from 11/1 It will be.

Pre-opening period Will be operated on a trial basis with the opening of a new shop, so it may cause inconvenience to customers, but we will respond carefully each time.

And this 10/16 ~ 10/31 Pre-opening period Is PL 8 HERO's " 8 To match ...

All items 8% OFF sale Held!

In addition, we are planning a new shopping event from the opening of the book on November 1, so please take this opportunity to consider it.

In addition, on the new site, various fee systems and discount rates have been changed according to the new system.Please note that in some cases, it may be cheaper to purchase from the old site.

Below, we will inform you about the changes made on the new site in a bulleted list.

▼ New site ( https://pl8hero.com) Summary of changes:

・ Volume discount rate system

From the adaptation with the total number of each model number (for each product) Automatically adapts based on the total number of custom products purchased became.Until now, it was not possible to adapt without purchasing multiple identical products, but if you purchase custom-produced products such as dog tags and license plates in bulk, it will be automatically calculated and applied according to the total number of purchases. increase. There is less confusion and the discount is applied automatically, so customers only need to add the item to the cart.became.

・ Subdivision of character specification field

Until now, we have asked our customers to enter the specified description of each custom part in one input box, but there was a lot of confusion. We have prepared a subdivided input box for each part and improved it so that you can input more easily.

・ Visualization of order status

It is now a system that allows you to check online what your order is like now. You can also check the rough status of how long it will arrive and the tracking status after it is shipped.

・ Cheaper and easier to purchase dog tag silencers and ball chains

It is now possible to directly select and order dog tag silencers, etc. from the product page, which previously had to be ordered from a separate page.

In addition, the price has been reduced from 380 yen (excluding tax) to 150 yen (excluding tax) by reducing the transportation cost from the United States.

At the same time, the price of the ball chain, which can be selected as an option, has also been reduced.

-It is now possible to specify different characters for front and back for double-sided products.

For products with double-sided specifications such as dog tags [both sides] and air fresheners, it is now possible to specify different characters for the front and back.

・ Free shipping on orders over 5,000 yen

We used to offer free shipping, but due to the recent increase in shipping costs, it has become difficult to maintain. Therefore, the free shipping service will be abolished, and the system will be changed to a free shipping system for orders over 5,000 yen.

・ Price and name change of Air Freshener

Air Freshener has not changed the product itself, but we have terminated the scenting service at our shop. Along with that, the name has been changed to "Front Mirror Tag", but as it is still made of felt material, customers can sprinkle perfume etc. on their own to add fragrance.

In addition, we have decided to raise the price due to the soaring raw material costs due to the corona vortex.The new price will be 1,980 yen (excluding tax) from the old price of 1,580 yen (excluding tax).Thank you for your understanding.

・ Hamuchan.jp will end operation on October 31, 2020

Https://hamuchan.jp, which has been in operation since 2012, will be discontinued on October 31, 2020.Coupons and shop points that have been issued so far will no longer be available, but we will distribute a coupon that exceeds the points as a coupon that can be used on the new site to customers who have remaining shop points in a separate e-mail magazine. increase. This coupon will be issued and distributed after the book opens after November 1, 2020, so please wait for a while.

・ Each SNS account will also be migrated to PL8 HERO at any time

The Instagram and Twitter accounts currently operated under the name of hamuchan, inc. Have already been renamed to PL8 HERO.Followers who have been following hamuchan, inc. Do not need to do anything.

The Facebook page is currently undergoing a name change procedure, and the page name will be changed to PL8 HERO within a few days as soon as it is reviewed by the FB management side.

Unfortunately, the name of LINE's official account cannot be changed, so after creating a new account, we will inform followers of the new account by message at any time, so we apologize for the inconvenience. I'm sorry, but I would appreciate it if you could ask me to add friends to my new account.

The above are the rough changes.

We will continue to make various efforts such as system development, improvement, and examination of new products, so we will continue to be reborn from hamuchan, inc. [PL8 HERO (plate hero)] Thank you for your cooperation.

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