【#EarthAid】世界の子供たちを支援するチャリティードッグタグ発売開始 | PL8HERO

[#EarthAid] Charity dog tags to support children around the world are now on sale

PL8HERO #EarthAid project Announced the first bullet!

This dog tag is for charity purposes, 50% of sales but, [UNICEF] (UN Children's Fund) Will be donated to.

The selling price is 1,000 yen per sheet (excluding tax) It is a volunteer price of. Order one 500 yen donated Will be!

All are made to order, so as a donor [Name you specified] will be printed on the dog tag and delivered. To do!

For example, the finish will be like this ↓

【UNICEF】 Is a United Nations agency working to protect the lives and health of children around the world.No matter where you are born in the world, you can fully expand your potential and grow ... 【UNICEF】 Is continuing support activities with "children's top priority".

Such 【UNICEF】 It will lead to the support of the activities of!

In PL8HERO, it is covered all over the world "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" Agree with "No one is left behind" For that reason 【UNICEF】 We will support the activities of and start from what we can get close to.

Click here to order a charity dog tag

What is #EarthAid?

PL8HERO #EarthAid project teeth," Earth Aid Aimed at Social contribution project is.

It was launched to help even a little bit of the various problems that are occurring on a global scale.

Click here for details on #EarthAid

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