【NEW】リンカーン大統領でお馴染み「イリノイ2017」のナンバープレート新登場!- PL8HERO(プレートヒーロー)

[NEW] A license plate of "Illinois 2017" familiar with President Lincoln is now available!

The 2017 pattern of Illinois, also known as the Land of Lincoln, is now available!

In the background, a gradation design with silhouettes of President Lincoln and the streets of Illinois, such as Chicago and Springfield.

Why President Lincoln? I think there are some people who think that, but Lincoln is the president of the United States elected from Illinois.

In his Gettysburg Address, he said, "We are determined here to never eradicate from the face of the earth the politics of the people, by the people, for the people." .

At that time, Lincoln was assassinated on April 15, 1865.

After his death, he was buried in "Oak Ridge Cemetery" in the capital of Springfield, Illinois, and is still handed down in Illinois as "Lincoln's Land" to honor his great achievements.

Such Illinois 2017 pattern Here Introducing!

"Illinois 2017" list is here

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