【NEW】アメリカの首都「ワシントンDC」のナンバープレート新登場! -PL8HERO(プレートヒーロー)

[NEW] A license plate of the capital of the United States "Washington DC" is now available!

This time, we received a request from a customer and released a new license plate for Washington DC, the capital of the United States 🇺🇸!

Washington, D.C. is the heart of the United States, home to the White House, embassies of various countries, and the World Bank.

Washington, DC, also known as the District of Columbia. This "DC" is the initial letter of the English name!

You may be wondering, "Why Colombia in America?", but it is said that it was named after "Christopher Columbus," who is said to have reached the American waters for the first time during the Age of Discovery.

Here is the license plate of such an American capital!

Please consider this opportunity✨

Click here for Washington DC pattern list

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