[NEW] 10 new license plate patterns from South Carolina have been added!

10 new license plate designs for South Carolina with palm trees have been added!

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South Carolina is also known as the "Palmet Palm State," a palm tree native to the Americas, also known as "Sabal."

The crescent moon and palm logos, also depicted on the South Carolina state flag, have their roots in the 1775 American Revolutionary War and have become the current design over time.


Actually, it seems that this flag originally had only the "crescent moon logo".

In 1861, this "Palmet palm" was added to the flag because it was possible to prevent a lot of damage thanks to the "Palmet palm" that grew on the land when it was attacked by a cannon during the American North and South era. It seems to be.

Here is the South Carolina design with the Palmetto palm and crescent logo!


Not only each size of license plate, but also dog tags, front mirror tags, luggage tags, stickers, etc. are available in various variations!

Please consider this opportunity!

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