[NEW] More than 100 kinds of original luggage tags are newly released!

Can be made original Luggage tag More than 100 kinds are newly released!

What kind of material?

PL8HEROのオリジナルLuggage tag

The material used is FRP, a reinforced fiber plastic made in the United States.This is a lightweight and sturdy material made by mixing glass fiber with plastic, which has relatively weak strength. Luggage tag It is FRP that is also used in.

PL8HERO is particular about American products, and this FRP material is also directly imported from the United States and processed in Japan.

What kind of customization can you do?

PL8HEROオリジナルLuggage tagにはどんなカスタマイズができる?

This double-sided print can be applied Luggage tag Can basically customize all the character parts!

PL8HEROのオリジナル  ラゲッジタグ  のプリント加工

Put your favorite characters, it's completely original, one in the world ラゲッジタグ Can be made to order from one piece.

You can put your favorite words on the front with an emphasis on design, and you can write information such as address and contact information on the back when you lose it.

What kind of print processing?


PL8HERO's unique printing method, which fixes the ink to the material at the molecular level, makes it difficult for the ink to come off, and as long as there is no trauma, the characters will not disappear or the print will not drop.

Processing is flat printing, Luggage Doug The surface will have a glossy and slippery finish.

What can it be used for?


ラゲッジタグ Can be used not only as travel goods such as suitcases and carry cases, but also by hanging it from strollers, pet carts, umbrellas, etc. to prevent it from being mistaken for others, and also to prevent loss and theft!

 Let's make one luggage tag in the world!

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