【NEW】特大看板のマルチプレートシリーズ118商品が新登場! | PL8HERO

[NEW] Introducing 118 products in the multi-plate series of oversized signboards!

Multi-plate New arrival! By arranging multiple license plates side by side, as one aggregate, [Extra large size] Multi-plate that can be used as a signboard! !! !!

What is a multi-plate?

In PL8 HERO, attach "MULTIPLE" and "PLATE" on the license plate. [MULTI-PLATE] I named it ✨

Of course, it is available at our shop Over 100 designs from, [Favorite character content] In addition to being able to manufacture at Data submission If you can, you can also make it with your favorite design 👍

[Interior signboards for shops, offices, garages, etc.] As, Impact Perfect for those who want a production with 👊👊👊! !! !!

License plate Up to 25 pieces The production of creating one license plate by arranging up to Up to 152.4cm To be Oversized interior sign Will be.

On the base Made in the USA 🇺🇸 Aluminum plate use. It Print processing in Japan 🇯🇵 .. The print is Flat (flat print) Will be.

Size variation

[Set of 4] = Overall size: Approximately 61.0cm x 30.5cm

[Set of 9] = Overall size: Approximately 91.4cm x 45.7cm

[Set of 16] = Overall size: Approximately 121.9cm x 61.0cm

[Set of 25] = Overall size: Approximately 152.4cm x 76.2cm

current situation, Up to 25 sheets However, if a large number of license plates are lined up, I want to make a bigger sign In that case, A separate quote is also possible So feel free to Consultation Please 💡

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