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[NEW] Kentucky 16 products UP!

We have added 2 license plates from Kentucky! There are 16 products in total, including size variations, dog tags, mirror tags, stickers, etc. for each pattern.

The first pattern is a 1980s design from Kentucky. Kentucky, nicknamed the Blue Grass State, has calcium-rich pastures, nutrient-rich soils where they grow easily, and gentle hills that raise horses such as thoroughbreds. It is a very suitable land for.

From such a land pattern, it is a license plate with a horse logo drawn on it.

And the 2005 Kentucky license plate with beautiful gradation has the same horse logo and the notation UNBRIDLED SPIRIT. In Kentucky, the slogan is that the soul can jump freely and big dreams come true.

Why do not you customize the license plate that you can feel the vast land of Kentucky with your favorite characters?

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