【NEW】スマホやPCから自由にデザイン!オリジナルステッカー新登場! | PL8HERO

[NEW] Design freely from your smartphone or PC! Introducing original stickers!

Only one original sticker in the world But your s Easy to make from your smartphone or PC can!

[Free design] Full custom sticker, multiple sheets set Is now available!

your Freely arrange photos on your smartphone or PC I can do it ...

Add your favorite strings and change the font and color Or ...

Easily check the finished image using the 3D preview can!

The size is 12cm x 6cm.

Moreover, OK in the car or outdoors Nah, Water and weather resistant specifications It is a durable sticker!

Using a photo of my dog, " There is a dog on board! "Stickers, of course, with the names of children and babies, Original sticker of, Made from 10 sheets I can do it.

Please consider this opportunity!

Make an original sticker with an editor

There are many other editor series!

PL8 HERO editor series Then, besides American license plate or, Dog tag , Hanging from the car mirror Front mirror tag Etc. can also be manufactured.

In the editor, like the video below, Free design is easy I can do it!

By all means, other Editor series Please also check it out.

Click here for a list of editor series

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