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[NEW] Customer request, new color & new pattern 3 design UP!

In response to customer requests, we have uploaded the following 3 designs!

1. Michigan 2014 Design

2. Color series "Purple"

3. Color series "Beige"

Introducing a total of 21 products with 3 designs!

We have added each size & dog tag and mirror tag, so a total of 21 products are newly introduced in total!

1. Michigan 2014 Design

This is a design requested by an American customer.

In the center is a bridge called "Mackinac Bridge", which symbolizes Michigan, USA, and its total length is 8038m!The maximum central span (between the main towers) is 1,158m, which is the 10th longest in the world as of 2021.

This design depicts such a magnificent bridge and the setting sun.

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2. Color series "Purple"

This is already deployed " Color A new color for the series.There is no purple in the lineup so far, so we received a request from a customer and added it this time!

Even if you say purple, there are various kinds of purple, so I chose an elegant purple that is as close to "lavender" as possible.

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3. Color series "Beige"

This is also " Color A new color for the series!

recently, Daihatsu Sold from " Move canvas It is said that it matches the two-tone color of "", so our " Color It seems that the series is drawing attention on SNS and so on.

Therefore," canvas I want a beige like the one in! We received a request and added beige this time!

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