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[NEW] Customer request ・ 3 rectangular signboards have been uploaded!

In response to customer requests, we have updated three new rectangular signboard patterns!

  1. [Rectangular sign] Pet manners (damage to manure)
  2. [Rectangular signboard] Illegal dumping prohibited
  3. [Rectangular sign] Bee attention

[Rectangular sign] Pet manners (damage to manure)

This is a pet etiquette sign.Recommended for those who are having trouble with pet manure damage on the premises.

By default, the notation "Don't get dirty! Please clean up the shit. Thank you."

Of course, you can customize it with your favorite words.

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[Rectangular signboard] Illegal dumping prohibited

 This is an illegal dumping prohibition sign.It is a sign that can be used as a preventive measure so that garbage will not be thrown away on the premises.

By default, "Don't throw it away!Illegal dumping is a crime.Violators will be prosecuted. The content is a little stronger.

Of course, the content of this character can also be freely changed according to the customer's request.

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[Rectangular sign] Bee attention

This is a bee's caution sign.Bees who start to move actively when the climate gets warmer. It is a signboard that calls attention to such bees.

By default, "Danger! Bees are working!Please stay away. The content. The bees aren't there to threaten humans either, so I made the content humorous!

Here too, the character part can be freely customized.

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We will respond to your request!

This time, we have added some new patterns in response to customer requests.

  • I like the American design, but I can't find the sign that I want.
  • I want to stick to American products
  • I don't want to wear it with other people

If you are such a person, please feel free to add an image etc. inquiry please give me.

There are things that can be made and things that cannot be made, but we will respond to your inquiry as much as possible!

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